this is the new TKFV project, people
...something different every week

, there's only one therapy that actually works
, it's called HOT YULE READIN
, it's free
, contact us

apologize sorry

you once said -san francisco, alabama is a nice town-

sorry again

hot yule readin enterprises know how to fix YOU while trying to fix the computers


my version of photoshop is broken
hope i will be able to fix it soon coz i have a couple of ideas to post

are you a clone ?

do you really have to sit on your ass
maybe you could create something

done __LEFT here

you think that they look at you because you look good
you think that they look at you because you look like you have something interesting to say
you think that they look at you when you walk in the street

dey do not
ur sick

and you have a dog or a cat

hot yule readin is a therapy.

contact us if :

you think you would have been a better person if _____________________________ .
you think you would have dated ________ if _____________________________ .

i thought you won't notice

you ask yourself questions
you don't know how to behave when there are 1 or more than 1 people staring at you

call 5-4678-97-8444

right now

GTDFH 8897 AZ x KJ5

this blog is an an an answer to all your questions
it is a hot yule readin


yurr liffe.

do u remember yurr dreams ?

yurr an asshole, you do not know how to cope with it, you have not realized yet that it it it it
is it it is on stop mode, take the keyboard of yurr lifffe and press the start button

il n'y a pas de quoi